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для PON имеется несколько различных технологий

Тип APON (PON с ATM) BPON (Широкопол. PON) GPON (Gigabit-PON) EPON (Ethernet PON) Протокол ATM ATM ATM и СЕМ Ethernet + FEC Стандарт ITU-T С.983.1 (включая Поправку 1) ITU-T С.983.3 ITU-T С.984 IEEE 802.3ah Архитектура Симметричная: FTTCab/B/C/H Ассиметричная: FTTCab/B/C Симметричная: FТГСаЬ/В/С/Н Ассиметричная: FTTCab/B/C Симметричная: FTrCab/C/H/Вдля многоквартирных домов (MDU); FTTB для бизнеса Ассиметричная: FTFCab/C/H/B-MDU lOOOBASE-PXlO 1000BASE-PX20 […]

FTTH Network

Optical Testing Tools In FTTH

The following is a list of optical testing tools used for FTTH networks: VFL (visual fault locator) Continuity check up to 5km, break/bend visual identifier for fibre along patch panel/hub areas Fibre link construction and troubleshooting at locations where fibres are accessible.

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FTTH Fiber to the Home FAQ

Q. What is FTTH fiber to the home ? A. FTTH (Fiber to the home) is the delivery of a communications signal via optical fiber from the operator’s central office all the way to a home or business, thereby replacing existing copper infrastructure such as telephone wires or coaxial cable. Fiber to the home is […]

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Fiber Characterization by Fiber Optic Test Equipment

The following specification is the fiber testers and specification for a cable before delivery. 1. Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) — sends a laser pulse through the fiber and detects the return signal strength as well as the transmitting time. This test shows the overall character of the fiber strand including splice loss, splice numbers, connectors, […]

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FTTH (fiber to the home) Project Time Line

The complexity of starting up an FTTH project does not often get highlighted as much as it should. A small but dedicated team will be needed to establish the viability of the project. Distinction should be established between planning, designing, building and operating an FTTH network. Different skills are required and therefore it is likely […]

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Applications driving demand for next-gen PON

Four major application areas are driving next-gen PON development and standardization.  FTTBuilding for multi-dwelling units (MDUs) – In these deployments, next-gen PON would provide more bandwidth to be shared among the units in the building.  Enterprises – Next-gen PON would provide enterprises with more upstream bandwidth, supporting video conferencing and cloud-based file backup, […]

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The advantage of TWDM PON

With the completion of lab trials this year, commercial trials expected in 2015, and initial deployments forecast for 2016, TWDM PON (time wavelength division multiplexing passive optical networking) is on the horizon. While today’s PON meets the requirements of residential subscribers, small-tomedium-sized usinesses (SMBs), and some MBH (mobile backhaul) applications, CSPs (communications service providers) want […]

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What is Quantum Teleportation?

I. INTRODUCTION Teleportation is commonly understood as a fictional method for disembodied transport: An object or person is disintegrated at one place and it is perfectly reconstructed somewhere else. Thus, teleportation can be compared to transmission of a three-dimensional object using a kind of super fax machine which, however, destroys the original object on scanning. […]

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PLC Splitter summary

In 2012, a leading market and technology analysts announced the Asia Pacific region (APAC) region leads in the consumption of Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) splitter compact devices with 68% of the worldwide value, followed by the American region and finally the EMEA region. The increase of mass FTTx PON network deployment dominates the worldwide PLC […]


Tipos de conexión

Existen diferentes opciones desde la tecnología para acceder al servicio de acceso a Internet, siendo las más frecuentes aquellas en las cuales el acceso hasta el nodo del Proveedor de Internet se efectúa utilizando como medio de transmisión las redes preinstaladas para la provisión de otros servicios (como por ejemplo el servicio de telefonía o […]