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FTTH/P network benchmarking in France

The French broadband market is dominated by the incumbent France Telecom (FT, 42.8% market share) and alternative DSL operators Iliad (Free) (21.8%) and SFR (22.8%). Numericable, the single cable operator, has a 4.2% share of the broadband market. Smaller operators, including Bouygues Telecom, share the remaining 7.3% of broadband subscribers. The three main operators – […]

FTTH Network

Efficiency and prudency of Tarluz’s fibre network

Analysys Mason considers that NBN Co’s design of its FTTP network reflects an efficient and prudent network design. In particular: ► Technology decisions  NBN Co’s decision to implement Gigabit passive optical network (GPON) for the massmarket segment prudently implements the requirements of the Australian Government under its Statement of Expectations.  NBN Co’s decision […]

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Development of passive optical networks (PONs)

PONs have attracted great attention in recent years, also from standardization bodies. Once again, the primary organizations are ITU-T and the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). The latter defined the “Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GEPON)” back in 2004 in the standard IEEE 802.3ah1. It is well known and established under the name […]

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Upgrading existing connection networks

The increased use of FO cabling is making broad band infrastructure a reality in business and residential districts. This cabling addresses the demand from customers for ever more band width with efficient networks while protecting the investment to the greatest possible extent. Network operators almost always take a two-prong approach to connection networks. Cable network […]

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Outside Plant (OSP) Design

The designer of the fiber network designs and digitizes fiber features using the standard G/Technology feature placement workflow and a fiber splicing editor. The end-to-end workflow is as follows. At a given location (central office, switching center), the user creates an ISP Connect feature. From this feature, the user places fiber cables, splices, remote terminals, […]

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10G EPON optical transceivers drive FTTP applications

GPON and 10G EPON optical transceivers for fiber to the premise (FTTP) or FTTH Fiber to the home applications to its Passport line of universal transceivers. For GPON, SFP transceivers for both OLT (optical line terminal) and ONT/ONU (optical network terminal/Optical Network Unit) interfaces. there are also 10G EPON via both SFP+ and XFP transceivers; the SFP+ […]

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MPO connectors are ready for prime time

As the industry deploys 40-Gbit/sec optical networks and moves ahead to 100-Gbit/sec data rates, service providers and data center managers may question whether the multi-fiber push-on (MPO) connector can perform reliably at those speeds. They saw the first-generation MPO as a “weak link” in optical networking, primarily because of its higher optical loss, lack of […]

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Технология PON

PON (Passive optical network) — технология пассивных оптических сетей. Одна из главных задач, стоящих перед современными телекоммуникационными сетями доступа – так называемая проблема «последней мили», предоставление как можно большей полосы пропускания индивидуальным и корпоративным абонентам при минимальных затратах. Суть технологии PON заключается в том, что между приемопередающим модулем центрального узла OLT (Optical line terminal) и […]

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Physical layer requirements of FTTH GPON Network

This section describe physical layer requirement for FTTH GPON network in three perspective, 1, Spectral Width,2. Attenuation Range, 3. ODN topology, etc. 1 Spectral width [ITU-T G.984.2] defines certain PMD specifications for the OLT and ONU. For a GPON system operating at 2488 Mbps downstream rate and 1244 Mbps upstream rate, the 20 dB spectral […]


Beyond the Triple Play

More than a decade ago, cable companies introduced the triple play of voice, video and data that is now the standard telecom offering worldwide. Fiber’s greater bandwidth and reliability allow FTTH providers to think beyond the triple play and offer services tailored to communities’ needs. Some of these services help differentiate fiber-to-the-home communities; some generate […]