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Measuring Bandwidth of 10G Laser-optimized Multimode Fiber

1. The traditional Overfilled Launch (OFL) method of measuring bandwidth in multimode fiber has been replaced by new, more advanced techniques. The advent of 850 nm VCSEL light sources and 10G laser-optimized 50 µm multimode (OM3) fiber has enabled cost-effective 10G transmission for short reach enterprise applications. Unlike LEDs, VCSELs don’t light up the entire […]

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Taking Copper to Greater Heights With Best Practices for Pair Bonding

Today, more than 1 billion households are still connected to a copper line.1 As the reality of supporting HDTV and video in just about every room has become the norm and no longer a luxury, higher bandwidth for Triple Play Services (voice, data, and video) continues to see a growing demand. Leading telco service providers […]



We’re on the right path with our fibre strategy. “Competition is fierce…But we had solid revenue performance again this quarter, thanks to our fibre to the home strategy and we continue to believe that we are on the right path… “FibreOp has performed very well especially compared to our non-fibre markets – reinforcing our belief […]

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Fiber and Bandwidth

Q: What is bandwidth? a: In a network, bandwidth (what engineers call bitrate) is the ability to carry information. The more bandwidth a network has, the more information it can carry in a given amount of time. Networks with high bandwidth also tend to be more reliable because fewer bottlenecks disturb the flow of information. […]


FTTH Customer Base Continues Strong Expansion

With almost 1.4 million homes newly passed by fiber in the six months ending March 2013, the pace of fiber-to-the-home deployment in North America is exceeding long-term trends, even though it could not match the torrid pace of the prior six-month period. The data comes from market researcher Michael Render of RVA LLC, who released […]

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Status of Broadband Deployment in the U.S. Depends on Source

After reading the conclusions drawn by the broadband provider community and the FCC, one would think that the data sources were entirely different. According to broadband providers, there is plenty of broadband access at speeds consumers want. The FCC claims that slow speeds increase the digital divide, large swaths of unserved areas throughout the country […]

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Fiber Optic Test Set

The simplest test we can make on a fiber optical system is to see whether light is getting through and how much is lost. The instruments used for this are called an optical source and a receiver. Together, they form a fiber optic test set. Most fiber optic test sets work with several different wavelengths. […]

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The Challenge for Fiber to the Home FTTH

HD video are required to watch by subsribers, the hair like fiber core able to delivery enomous data from central office to users. fiber optic right now is the remarkable technology for data transmission. Nowadays, its quite economical to use fiber to carry informaiton to the premises, to increase the international communication. This essay is […]

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Time for 10G EPONs to Shine

A 10G Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) solution set enables network operators, whether they are operating public or private networks, to deliver bandwidth to users well above legacy EPON or GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) rates. You might be asking yourself, “So what? Why would anyone need a 10G PON solution?” It is true that […]

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Fiber Optic Cable Termination Type

Fiber Optic Termination Method There are plenty of fiber connector termination method, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, Generally, in most case, both SM and MM cable are pulled without termination, operators strip the fiber cable by special toolkit and splice the fiber cable with pigtails, and protect the splice by heat shrinkable sleeves, […]