Test and Measurements

How an OTDR works?

Two key thechnology for How an OTDR work? 1. OTDR Introduction OTDR, short for Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, is a fiber optic test equipment for characterize fiber optic network. It able to detect, locate and measure events at any location on the fiber optic network. The events are displayed as graphic and displayed on the […]


Generación de calor en mazos de cables

La transmisión de energía a través de un sistema de cableado genérico provoca un incremento de los niveles de temperatura dentro de los cables. El aumento de temperatura depende del volumen de energía transmitido, el corte transversal del conductor y el aislamiento térmico alrededor del mazo. Los cables en el centro de un mazo se […]

Optical Cable

Optical fiber cable

Optical fiber cable introduction from WIKI An optical fiber cable is a cable containing one or more optical fibers that are used to carry light. The optical fiber elements are typically individually coated with plastic layers and contained in a protective tube suitable for the environment where the cable will be deployed. Different types of […]

100G & 400G

Multiplexores CWDM extensores

IHSE ha anunciado el lanzamiento de dos nuevos multiplexores CWDM Draco para cuatro u ocho conexiones de fibra bidireccionales en tareas de extensión de señal KVM sobre grandes distancias. Funcionan como extensores KVM y consisten en dos unidades (en la estación de trabajo y en la CPU remota) que pueden ampliar las señales hasta 140 […]

HOW-TO Test and Measurements


SELECCIÓN DEL OTDR ADECUADO – EXFO OTDR El OTDR constituye una herramienta fundamental en la caracterización y certificación de enlaces de fibra óptica (LAN/Ethernet multimodo y monomodo). Al escoger un OTDR, es importante seleccionar las funciones y rendimiento de OTDR específico que se necesitan para calificar estos enlaces de forma precisa y según la norma/especificación […]

FTTH Network

fibre network and copper network comparison

fibre and copper for data transmission network In terms of the physical infrastructure mediums the main choice is between a copper or fibre based system. So, which is the best to install? Like all good, simple questions, the route to the answer is a little more complicated. Historically, fibre was used in the backbone and […]

Cable Management

Benefits of Pre-Terminated Solutions (Pre-terminated assemblies) – 2

Benefits of Pre-Terminated Solutions – 2 Commercial Office Pre-terminated Assemblies The completion of the handover of a project is critical, mainly due to the fact that the lease deadline of the end user client’s existing facilities, have to be met to avoid the costly penalty of having to extend their previous lease by a further […]

Cable Management

Benefits of Pre-Terminated Solutions – 1

Benefits of Pre-Terminated Solutions – 1 Pre-terminated solutions for cabling systems have been around since the beginning of computing, well before the inception of Structured Cabling. Early IBM System 36 and 38 computers used to be connected to its peripherals by way of factory terminated twin-ax assemblies, very similar to the ones still used today […]

4G & 5G

4G Subscribers reached 497 million by Year end 2004, growth outpaced 3G.

March 11, 2015: GSA, the Global mobile Suppliers Association, has underlined the accelerating pace of development of LTE around the world by confirming that LTE subscriptions are growing faster than any other mobile communications system technology, and by a substantial margin. Referring to newly-released data provided by Ovum Ltd, GSA calculated that 4G LTE subscription […]

100G & 400G

DWDM Disadvantages and DWDM Advantages

DWDM Advantages and DWDM Disadvantages Breif introduction about DWDM Fiber with great capacity of bandwidth for long haul back bone data transmission. and DWDM, which is short for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing. is one of the dominant technology used to utilize the application of fiber cable. It means multiplex a group of wavelengths into and […]