5G-based Fixed Wireless Access market could hit $1 billion: Analyst

The latest report from SNS Research (Dubai, UAE) indicates that service revenue associated with 5G-based FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) subscriptions will reach $1 billion by the end of 2019. “Commonly referred to as FWA, Fixed Wireless Access has emerged as one of the most predominant use cases for early 5G network rollouts,” states the analyst. […]


FCC Comments Urge Allocation of Spectrum Above 24 GHz for 5G And More

As evidenced by comments to the FCC’s inquiry on the use of spectrum above 24 GHz, there’s a lot of interest in this spectrum from just about every segment of the communications industry—except from broadcast and public safety/land mobile representatives. Originally it was thought this spectrum would not be suitable to reach indoor devices. If […]


What is 5G?

What is 5G and what is driving it? Simply stated, 5G is the “fth generation mobile networks or the next major cellular evolution after 4G. About every ten years, the next generation of mobile networks appears, with each generation improving upon the last. As with each new generation, 5G is expected to be more spectrally […]

4G & 5G

Why not using 4G,

Why is 4G not enough? LTE, designed primarily to serve smart phones and improve users’ wireless internet experience, has been a great success. First deployed 6 years ago, 4G LTE has become the fastest-growing mobile technology in history. Today it globally supports approximately 500 million subscribers. Since its launch, LTE has evolved to support higher […]