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Технология PON

PON (Passive optical network) — технология пассивных оптических сетей. Одна из главных задач, стоящих перед современными телекоммуникационными сетями доступа – так называемая проблема «последней мили», предоставление как можно большей полосы пропускания индивидуальным и корпоративным абонентам при минимальных затратах. Суть технологии PON заключается в том, что между приемопередающим модулем центрального узла OLT (Optical line terminal) и […]

FTTH Network

Physical layer requirements of FTTH GPON Network

This section describe physical layer requirement for FTTH GPON network in three perspective, 1, Spectral Width,2. Attenuation Range, 3. ODN topology, etc. 1 Spectral width [ITU-T G.984.2] defines certain PMD specifications for the OLT and ONU. For a GPON system operating at 2488 Mbps downstream rate and 1244 Mbps upstream rate, the 20 dB spectral […]

Test and Measurements

What Network Owners and Operators Need to Know About Fiber Testing

Certification of an FTTH network confirms proper installation before customers start using it. That means fewer service problems and easier routes to modifications. It also gives comfort to those who financed the build. Fiber test equipment makes testing and certification easy – often easier than for copper wiring. Network testing and certification should be part […]


Beyond the Triple Play

More than a decade ago, cable companies introduced the triple play of voice, video and data that is now the standard telecom offering worldwide. Fiber’s greater bandwidth and reliability allow FTTH providers to think beyond the triple play and offer services tailored to communities’ needs. Some of these services help differentiate fiber-to-the-home communities; some generate […]

FTTH Network

Taking Copper to Greater Heights With Best Practices for Pair Bonding

Today, more than 1 billion households are still connected to a copper line.1 As the reality of supporting HDTV and video in just about every room has become the norm and no longer a luxury, higher bandwidth for Triple Play Services (voice, data, and video) continues to see a growing demand. Leading telco service providers […]

FTTH Network

Status of Broadband Deployment in the U.S. Depends on Source

After reading the conclusions drawn by the broadband provider community and the FCC, one would think that the data sources were entirely different. According to broadband providers, there is plenty of broadband access at speeds consumers want. The FCC claims that slow speeds increase the digital divide, large swaths of unserved areas throughout the country […]

FTTH Network

The Challenge for Fiber to the Home FTTH

HD video are required to watch by subsribers, the hair like fiber core able to delivery enomous data from central office to users. fiber optic right now is the remarkable technology for data transmission. Nowadays, its quite economical to use fiber to carry informaiton to the premises, to increase the international communication. This essay is […]

FTTH Network

Time for 10G EPONs to Shine

A 10G Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) solution set enables network operators, whether they are operating public or private networks, to deliver bandwidth to users well above legacy EPON or GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) rates. You might be asking yourself, “So what? Why would anyone need a 10G PON solution?” It is true that […]

Optical Cable

What you should know about ITU-T G 657 Fiber

This content is about 4 what you should know features about G 657 A/B bare fiber in OSP networks. 1. What you should know is about the G.657 standard was developed by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to provide consistency in the evolving requirements for bend-insensitive singlemode fiber. This class of fiber enables cost reductions through […]

Cable Management

Drop cable faults type

The huge growth in the number of subscribers with FTTH installations requires different maintenance methods than used previously. This article explains maintenance of the “last one mile” and explains some concrete measurement solutions. Construction of the trunk cable shown in the Figure 2 has been completed to cover 85% of households currently. All that remains […]